Kevin J. Rutkiewicz, President, KJR Associates Inc. 

Kevin has been involved in the electric power generation industry since 1988.  He began his career as a Generator Field Service Technician for Allis Chalmers in Milwaukee, WI.  As companies merged or changed hands, and as opportunities became available, Kevin decided to utilize his many years experience and his Customer contacts by starting his own business, KJR Associates Inc.

During his years with Allis-Chalmers, later to become AC Equipment Services, he worked as a Generator Technician. He performed generator rotor disassembly/reassembly; visual and dimensional assessment; and generator rotor and stator repairs/rewinds.

In 1992, Kevin was promoted to Generator Marketing/Projects for Siemens Power Corporation (previously AC Equipment Services).  He was responsible for quoting generator repairs/rewinds for all OEM equipment.  His responsibilities included project management; coordinating vendor activities; vendor evaluation; and Customer interface between the Generator Field Operations, Engineering, and shop activities.  As a Project Engineer, he quoted, scheduled and managed multiple generator projects ranging from $1,000 to $1,500,000.  In 1999, he traveled to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to meet with Customers to discuss rewinding their General Electric Frame 7 generators and to provide new 18Mn-18Cr retaining rings for their General Electric fleet.  Later that year, he found himself in Talara, Peru evaluating a generator failure and later provided a proposal for the refurbishment of this generator.

In 1999, Kevin took a position with Siemens Westinghouse in Orlando, FL as an Advanced Marketing Representative for Generator Major Service Marketing.  He was responsible for providing Sales force support.  This consisted of proposals and budgetary estimates for generator and exciter rotor repairs/rewinds on Siemens, General Electric and Westinghouse equipment.  He was also involved in the company’s strategic planning and material inventory for non-OEM equipment.  Later that year, he traveled to Taipei, Taiwan to present a generator rotor replacement and refurbishment proposal for two of the utility’s large Westinghouse nuclear generators. 

In 2000, Kevin returned home to Wisconsin and took a position with ReGENco LLC in Milwaukee as a Regional Sales Manager. His Region was comprised of states west of the Mississippi River but also included Wisconsin.  He was involved in strategic development of this territory for Generator and Turbine repairs.  He held this position for 21 months before he decided to expand his knowledge into other aspects of the turbine/generator repair business. 

In 2002, Kevin took a position with Lovegreen Turbine Services, within the Wood Group, where he was employed as a Regional Sales Manager maintaining the same territory he had previously serviced.  This new position helped him expand his current knowledge of turbine/generator overhauls.  In 2003, he transferred to another Wood Group company (Industrial Repair Service) where he returned to his roots selling generator repairs.  This was a new market for the company and included Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Indiana. 

Founded in 2004, KJR Associates Inc. is a Manufacturers' Representative Company whose Clients' provide Inspection, Repair, Replacement and Manufacture of Industrial and Power Generation equipment.

As the President of KJR Associates Inc, Kevin has chosen products and services that he firmly believes in and is selective in the companies that he represents.  These companies compliment each other in the Energy Industry.  Because of relationships developed over a period of years, his contacts help to blend his strong Energy background with products and services used by these companies.  His goal is to select additional clients that help meet the needs of his customers.  His goal has always been, and will continue to be, customer satisfaction.

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