KJR Associates Client Companies
Recently Completed Projects

 Ultra, Inc.

Ultra, Inc. recently completed three projects for a Wisconsin utility.  These projects consisted of designing and manufacturing:

  • twelve fiberglass generator hydrogen cooler inspection  platforms for three GE generators
  • fiberglass safety handrails for three GE turbines
  • fiberglass bottom ash inspection platforms for two Allis-Chalmers turbine generators

Beetle Plastics, LLC
Midwest Towers, Inc.

Midwest Towers recently completed a cooling tower repair project for a utility in Michigan. This project consisted of the replacement of:

  • hot water basin using pultruded fiberglass reinforced polyester material
  • nozzles
  • distribution boxes
  • water distribution header using 60” diameter fiberglass piping reduced to 24” on both sides of the tower
  • thirty-six 18” horizontal flow control valves
  • partial replacement of the fan deck

The fiberglass piping for this project was manufactured by Beetle Plastics, LLC.  Beetle specializes in the manufacture of fiberglass piping and tanks up to 14’ in diameter.  This company also manufactures Abrasion Resistant Fiberglass Pipe and Duct.

Fusion Babbitting, Inc.

The Fusion Babbitting Company recently completed a bearing refurbishment for a Utility in Michigan.  This was a 24" x 24" bearing which weighed over 6000#.  The project consisted of the following:

  • Performed "as received" visual inspection and took digital photos
  • Measured and recorded the outside diameter, inside diameter and length
  • Removed babbitt by submerging the shell completely in tin tank
  • Performed Kolene cleaning which will allow for a 100% tin bond
  • Submerged bearing shell into an acid, flux, and tin bath
  • Assembled bearing shell
  • Preheated bearing shell in tin bath prior to Centrifugal casting the bearing
  • Centrifugal cast the bearing using Virgin Grade 2 tin based babbitt
  • Completely pre-machined the bearing
  • Performed Ultrasonic testing of bearing to assure a good babbitt bond
  • Completely cleaned the bearing and verified all holes are cleaned and open
  • Performed final machining of bearing
  • Performed and doumented final inspection
  • Prepared bearing for shipment.